Well, well, well then Lardbucket.

Thanks to DL I’ve been reminded you needed doing in you class traitor.

What was it you believed? Through your Common Purpose fronted Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

“The deputy prime minister, John Prescott, seems to believe it is enough to build just 30 homes on one hectare of land, but with the pressure on land and the need to create lively and vibrant places to live I believe we can and should build at much higher densities.” Just like your mate writing that drivel you were full of shit.

Here’s a great blast from the past, all your hot air expanding from your empty mouth in a world full bubble!!

High packing densities for human beings?

You were never anything more than a self entitlement mongering fool. If you couldn’t fight a retrograde idea like that then you truly were on the payroll.

Onto the shuvvell.

Enjoy Freedom’s Fiery Furnace; traitor.


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