As Tony Benn said….

…”What power have you got?

Where did you get it from?

In whose interests do you use it?

To whom are you accountable?

How do we get rid of you?”

Well then Dominique?  Ooohhhh you’ve got that itinerant look of the internationalist gypsy about you, haven’t you? You smell a bit like Mao, Zhou and Ho, don’t you? Always destined to get into the best madrasas whilst skulking around the global outposts of the network.

So what you been up to then DSK?

Ooohhhh really!!

Well your new ChiComm chum does he have the same smell?

Oh yes the very best madrasas, and as in both of your cases Wiki won’t be telling us anything about your family background before the mid 1940s will it?

What about this month then? Ooooohhhh Odinga, isn’t that Barry Soetoro’s cousin, the Kenyan terrorist? Well it runs in the family, Barry’s granddaddy was Mau Mau after all.

You all look like a cabal of slinking scheming troughing plotting fat trouble making commie bastards to me.

All of you onto the shuvvell.

Freedom’s Fiery Furnace waits.


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