Can’t wait for the cant on your recant.

You smelled the lucre and headed for it, didn’t you?

People like you never have to worry about food and shelter, heat and light. Do you? You are on a fantasy gravy train fuelled and pulled by foundation henchmen. Say what is required and no broken bones for you, a life time making up the story line.

Easy money. And a whole vast counterfeit covering MSM to back up your take on events and shout down any opponents.

As an example of window dressing you are not exactly a bouquet of flowers, but beggars cannot be choosers, the focus groups were obviously only after the drinking vouchers.

Onto the shuvvell you go you conspiratorial fat controller, purveyor of dodgy boob obsessed fantasy, glacial imagineer.

Get a shave as well. You look like a honey badger’s wet dream.

Take Blinky and The Monocular Mentalist with you.

Into Freedom’s Fiery Furnace with the lot of you. Lying slobs.


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