Kings and their appetites.

Kings and their entourage used to go round eating their Barons out of house and home, just to keep them in line. Kings would even bring their own door locks with them to keep the assassins at bay.

Wherein the chamber their appetites to slake.

Who’s the daddy now?

Who else wanders around eating their Barons out of house and home?

Pick any one you like from the following. EU, NATO, OLYMPIC COMMITTEE, UN etc.

They also bring their door locks, blokes with machine pistols and black choppers overhead.

Now than I ask this because, as you know if you’ve been up in front of HR looking for a job, your past behaviour is a good indicator of your likely future behaviour. So if you’ve been a layabout slob, shagging sheep and skunkknockering…well the chances are that’s what you’ll be up to in the future.

So what appetites are they slaking these days?

Here’s a calendar of events.

Onto the Shuvvell of Hell you go and into Freedom’s Fiery Furnace you evil bastards.


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