The Stepford Mannequin

Or Muppet on a string.

The Tavistock Harlotquin.

So you think you are achieving great things do you?

You are full of shit. You are full of utter nutter other mutter:-cide. How much blood on your hands then?

This is all metabollocks apart from the dead.

Would you let any one of these lethal formulations of the Eternal Charities baby sit your sons?

Wake up, Heracles did us favour lads.

BTW the ChiComms are coming back.

“The influence of the French, grown weak since the death of Queen Ranavalo, and which the treaty of 1862 had re-established only on paper, was henceforth reduced to nothing. The Malgaches went so far as to destroy the manufactory of arms established by a Frenchman, which was called by the queen “the indestructible beauty.” The French government still thought of recovering some credit at the court of Tananarivoo. We find in the yellow book, of 1867, that the revision of the treaty of 1862 had been resumed under conditions which justified the hope that the queen would cease to guard the unexplored wealth of her kingdom from the pacific conquests of commerce and industry. The queen, in fact, seemed to consent to a resumption of negotiations; she had brought out from the sanctuary the statue of Kelimalaga, the goddess of international relations, when she died suddenly (1868), and the project was not carried out. Her cousin, Rauroma, succeeded her under the name of Ranavalo II., and the credit of Europeans was strengthened only in one case, which was moreover creditable to their humanity. They succeeded in saving the lives of the authors of a conspiracy formed under the direction of the former ministers of Radama. But these unfortunates were nevertheless confined in a cave where several of them died of hunger. Their wives and children were reduced to slavery; and their goods confiscated. Such was the custom of the country. We mention this fact to show the state of civilization of the Hovas, under one of its aspects. Their religion, their social hierarchy, their penal laws, date from what might be called organic paganism; and in considering the Hovas we might cite as a corresponding example the kingdoms of Italy in the time of Romulus, or those of India at the beginning of Brahmanism, if we had not to take account of their race, which is much less elegant, less artistic and less philosophic than the nations of classic paganism, and much less progressive also. Hence the Hovas would require a number of years, impossible to be determined, to arrive at western civilization, if the latter did not come to them from abroad, and come with as few chances of being accepted as possible, which may be understood from their inferiority.” Source

Get this straight. You are not Cleopatra.

So onto the shuvvell Hattie, you complete waste of carbon footprint ever to be excreted by an inhabited carbon based pre-programmed drivel following mind stalled ever uttering nothing puppet…

The fiery furnace of Freedom waits. Where were you when the war crimes started?



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