Top Muppet got it wrong?

Sorry Alan if it wasn’t for your heroine and the Chicago school pouring utter drivel out decade after decade to provide cover for the criminal network, ALAN. If it wasn’t for that utter boake making spew we’d see that there has never been a free market because your bosses have turned it into a massive global steal.

Alan, the free market does work when it is free of mind muppetry and false god worshipping clowns like you lot.

You lot who’ve NEVER done a days toil now for generations.


Onto the shuvvell of hell and into the Fiery Furnace with you all.

Multiple strike: at least 3 more and a school gone.


2 Responses to “Top Muppet got it wrong?”

  1. And what’s more, Ayn Rand didn’t screw up the world’s economy!

  2. Never said she did Faustey however the collection of thieving mind muppetry that she was part of is responsible for the trashing of Western thought, values, traditions and freedom, I contend. Totally useless atomisation.

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