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The current ChiComm bitchboys and Rothbosses are the 4th wave, we can identify, that will start the completion of chinese destruction and lift the precious metals missed/unattainable by Yamashita.

One must remember that there are only two types of catholics in this world according to the Sheban queen in the Vatican. Jews and expendable local converts. So the fact that Rothbitch’s mother was catholic means sweet fanny adams. The genealogy would have shown a family branch returning to its roots.

If one checks out the number of tribe members infesting the local MSM and altMSM in the area it looks like Europe before the joint got trashed.

The Hyper LIttoral War is almost ready for kick off.


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17700-650x330-benjamin-et-ariane-de-rothschildolivier-seignette BENJAMIN AND ARIANNE ROTHSCHILD

LCFR  is the Late Edmonde de Rothschild ‘s Private Banking business now managed by his sonBenjamin De Rothschild and daughter in law Arianne de Rothschild .The Edmonde de Rothschild group has assets under management of 184 billion dollars

Benjamin de Rothschilds mother was a Catholic actress  who converted to Judaism

In Sept 2008  Bank of China (“BOC”) and La Compagnie Financière Edmond de Rothschild “LCFR” signed a long-term strategic investment and business cooperation agreement covering private banking and asset management businesses . Pursuant to the agreement, BOC acquired a 20% stake in LCFR.


After this investment, the controlling shareholder, Benjaminde Rothschild, held 74.19% of LCFR, and BOC became the second largest shareholder. This was the first strategic investment by a leading Chinese bank in a Eurozone bank. According to the press note it put out  LCFR…

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Dismantling French Culture to Make It Jew Friendly

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Just look at what the did in UKplc. Communist concrete cattle pens without the warmth and charm of OGPU midnight raids.

Jewish architects know nothing about homes and everything about theft.

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Jeremy Corbyn: Politician UK’s Jews hate the most

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I’d give it one more Parliament, after the Jews have moved out of London and/or UK to cause secessionist trouble in USofA with their Mormon monkees, and UKplc will have a fully NOAhide compliant Agenda21 funded Sharia caucus making sure nothing British is ever made law again.

Just watch. That reference above to Corbyn being a muslim pin up is grooming.

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JeremyCorbyn_zpsad13ce99[1]On July 20, the Labour Friends of Israel, held a meeting at the Jewish occupied town of Hastings to scan the candidates hoping to fit in the shoes of party’s former Zionist Jew leader Ed Miliband. The meeting was chaired by Jonathan Freedland, executive editor The Guardian and columnist at the Jewish Chronicle.

Andy Burnham (Jewish), Yvette Cooper (Jewish), Jeremy Corbyn (Christian) and Liz Kendall (Jewish) attended the meeting to show their pro-Israel credentials.

According to the Jewish Chronicle (July 20, 2015) three-quarter of the session was focused on Israel. The representatives from UK’s largest Israel lobby group, Community Security Trust, Board of Deputies of British Jews, once headed by paedophile  Lord Janner, and local Jewish leaders grilled the candidates to find out how much they’re willing to serve Israel’s interests over British interests.

All candidates agreed that the Zionist entity has the ‘rights’…

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Just like the old jewish run Bolshevik Russia, Wesley Clark suggests gulags for American dissidents

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Will expand on this line of thinking at the other shop later today.

“We had to destroy the village to save the village” brought to you by the TFs with big mockerphuthing guns.

There you go.

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Wesley Clark Promotes Internment Of ‘Radicalized’ US Citizens

I’ve always liked Wes Clark. I interviewed him in 2005, when the topic of torture was new and fresh in our minds and he told me how disappointed he was in Dick Cheney. Our cell phone connection was horrible, but he called me back from the airport.

I say this because when I watched this segment I was as totally shocked as Digby was. I hope he rethinks his position after he listens to what he actually said. He’s talking about bringing back WWII Japanese style internment camps to America, which has always been a blight on US history. How can you catch a person who is unhappy or depressed before they become a lone wolf? And of course, who would decide if a person was “radicalized?” Ann Coulter, maybe? Michelle Malkin, who wrote a sick book defending the use of…

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More FackWuffle: Key testimony from Rosenberg spy case released after 64 years

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Key testimony from Rosenberg spy case released after 64 years.

If you look at the look on Shipman’s wife’s face you will see the same “How dare you” look.

Non Conjugate Apiru Wankery addendum:The Official Rwanda Story Unravels

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The Official Rwanda Story Unravels.


I was going to add this nation on the list at yesterday’s post but couldn’t nail it off the top of my head so left it out.

Well there we have it NATOcivperps, add Rwanda to your list of dead persons killed by your worshipping false Billy Idols and Marylyn Deathrose whilst dialling out for an diversity inclusive abortion equality kebab.

Satanic deity Baphomet to be placed outside Little Rock, AR statehouse

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Now then, now then, boys and girls this is where we find out just how sincere our ISIL/ISIS/ISHIT/MOSSIS/ALphuqqueda/TALIBANPHAN/MiHi/CISSAD and all the other made up newly released from prison cell muppets really are.

Go on take a pot shot at this POS with an RPG and see how quickly Rock/Roth cut off your funding.


Satanic deity Baphomet to be placed outside Little Rock, AR statehouse.


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