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Excellent. Call me Kim Il Dashian but it is always the embargoed nations that leave no paper trail. As weird as it seems there are several places that one could examine other than the obvious. One would be Myanmar.

Wide Awake Gentile


Asher Karni is the quintessential International Jew or Wandering Jew . Born in Hungary ,he went to Israel and from there ended up in South Africa

Asher Karni was in 1954 in Hungary, near the Slovakian border. In 1957, Karni, his older sister Bracha and their parents moved to Ashkelon and then to Bnei Brak. He was 10 when his father died suddenly, and 16 when his mother got run over by a car .From then on, Karni remained  affiliated with the Bnei Akiva religious Zionist youth movement
Upon completing yeshiva, Karni got a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, became a major in the IDF artillery corps – where he commanded a gun emplacement – and received an MBA from Tel Aviv University while serving in the career army. During his army service, Karni married Shuli, a kindergarten teacher from Ramat Gan. Two of their three daughters are now married and…

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Maldives: Islamic Foundation calls for death sentence if apostate fails to repent

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6 years is a long time to raise a new crop of CIA ISIS nutters.

See the other shop today for a posting about a nice crop of Indonesian kindergarten ISIS recruits photographed elsewhere in ISISland. Looks a bit trans-Caucasus if you ask me.

Religious Atrocities

Minivan News.

The Islamic Foundation has called for self-declared apostate Mohamed Nazim to be stripped of his citizenship and sentenced to death if he does not repent and return to Islam.

According to the Maldivian constitution all citizens are required to be Muslim, and the country is always described as a “100 percent” Muslim country.

Tell me again: how much foreign aid are we sending these nutjobs?

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Of course Reagan scholar Naughty “cannot say cunt properly” daren’t go on to ask about the re-export of genocidal murdering jews from NY to kill 100 million Slavs, after their indoctrination and financing by Roth fronting jewish NY banksters, did he?

“”Oh God, not the Jews again,””.

You said it baby.


“Oh God, not the Jews again,” muttered conservative commentator Ann Coulter when asked about Jewish immigration to the United States.

She was responding to a question on Wednesday by BBC’s James Naughtie on whether her anti-immigration stance would also have applied to Jewish immigrants to New York in the 20th century.

If trump loses, it’s over. We’re going to be homesick for the rest of our lives.


Full report HERE

Ann Coulter Lashes Out Over Immigration: ‘Oh God, Not the Jews Again’

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Great summation from Flanders

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  • T bone


    That link didn’t work for me. But I looked up Abba Kovner on wikipedia. Yes, even a jew-owned site like that admits that he wanted to poison 6 million Germans – after the war! It just goes to show how vindictive and hateful jews are. If someone said they wanted to poison 6 jews, it would be national news. But the media outlets have remained silent all these years.

    I need to process this. I’m sure I’m going to have a lot to say about it in the future.

    The jew is the most protected group in history. Even Jesus had to speak in metaphors about them.

    The jew can say and do whatever it wants with impunity.

    Remember: victimhood is the modern day Trojan horse and the enemy has become quite comfortable with openly attacking us

  • The link is working fine for me, T-Bone. Here is the gist of what is said, but the site carried other good links. Note, too, that he was certainly operating with the orders and cooperation of the higher-placed jew leaders in Israel.

    “[Kovner] went to Palestine for a short time in 1945 were Hashomer Hatzair headquarters issued him orders. Kovner then returned to Europe to found Nakam a Jewish terrorist organization whose ideological intention was to murder a mythical number of German civilians in ‘retribution’ The Jewish plan to murder six million Europeans for the Jewish historical construct. This mass genocide was never realized as Kovner was exposed smuggling enough concentrated toxin to poison four large European cities. Kovner was detained and deported from Europe back to Jewish terrorist Israel. Nakam then attempted a mass assassination on April 14, 1946 at the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg. Bread for 12,000 to 15,000 German POWs was painted with arsenic. According to the American press in 1946, 2300 of the interned soldiers fell ill and were admitted into the hospital but none died. Nevertheless Kovner’s terror group did succeed in murdering an untold number of German civilians by kidnapping them with the use of English military uniforms, driving them into a forest, forcing them to dig their own graves and then shooting them into the grave. In 1961 this man was one of the “witnesses” in the trial of Adolf Eichmann.”

    Every time one hears or reads the word “Ratline” always remember that Die Spinne/ODESSA were new kids on the block as far as running war criminals and terrorists into/out of European lands and populations. Isn’t that so you fish hat wearing anti European war criminal hideaway and facilitator?


Kriegsverbrechers: Architects of disastrous Iraq War still at large

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By Neil Clark | RT | May 16, 2016 Bombs going off in Iraq? Well, it happens all the time – what’s there to see? Let’s all move along shall we? On Thursday, at least 13 people were kille…

Source: Architects of disastrous Iraq War still at large


Secret Meetings Between Israel, Saudi Officials Reveal Close Relationship, Mutual Interests

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No schizl Sherlock.

Although it may not seem so the senior, Apiru kapo, is the semite not the khazar merc.

The Ugly Truth


Sabba – We can never repeat it enough: israel and yehudi Arabia are sisters, israel and yehudi Arabia are sisters, israel and yehudi Arabia are sisters… Yehudi Arabia is the older sister and she is the strongest shield protecting her little sister. The Holy Land will never be freed for as long as Arabia is occupied. The day Arabia is freed, that will be the end of the ‘jewish state’. 

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Wall Street Insider and former Bush Administration official remarking on Trump’s election chances– ‘It all comes down to the U.S. Military and Intelligence Communities’

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CAF one of my seven.

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

The Ugly Truth

ed note–begins at around the 9.30 mark. At the 11.00 mark, note her intimation that the news coming out concerning Ted Cruz being linked with Lee Harvey Oswald and the kind of ‘transparency’ that is sure to come out in this campaign is/will be aided by the US Military and Intelligence Agencies.

Note at 15.30–‘Here’s the question…Where does Trump’s strength come from? He’s got support within the Intelligence community and the Military…If that support weren’t there, he wouldn’t be where he is today…’

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