Why the French submarine won the bid to replace the Collins-class

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– The Conversation – France will be awarded the contract to partner with Australia to build the next generation of submarines to replace the Collins-class…But what was at stake in…

Source: Why the French submarine won the bid to replace the Collins-class

“Strategic outcome

All three companies have proven track records in submarine design and construction. Building overseas would have seen the Japanese leave their comfort zone. However, they brought defence and geostrategic advantages to the negotiation table. Offering the RAN supply and repair bases in Japan was one of their most persuasive arguments.

The Germans pushed their vast submarine design and building experience – more than 160 submarines delivered to 20 navies over the past 50 years. This experience, TKMS claimed, would have put the FSP in a “safe pair of hands”.

The French Navy operates submarines across the five oceans. DCNS argued that the experience and propulsion technology they transferred from their conventional and nuclear submarines made them the preferred candidate for the FSP. And they turned out to be right.”

Now I don’t know about you but looking at the timeframes and l’histoire why choose the most disabled capability unless the “secret” requirements were headed by the category; Strategic Sabotage?

The Invisibility of U.S. Oligarchs: The Case of Penny Pritzker

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By Sam Husseini | April 19, 2016 Other countries, not the U.S., have oligarchs apparently. Billionaire and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker came and went to the National Press Club with hardly a t…

Source: The Invisibility of U.S. Oligarchs: The Case of Penny Pritzker

4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast

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4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast   The U.S. military’s top commander in the Pacific is arguing behind closed doors for a more confrontational approach to co…

Source: 4-star admiral wants to confront China. White House says not so fast

Let me see now.

Invite your next enemy in to appropriate your technology. Build them up. Destroy your own industrial base. Destroy your forces by neglect and wastage.

Then when your forces are weakened and no one can stand the nonsense with which you are destroying your society, engender pugnatious dissonance, chaotic strategy and let the war roll over everyone you were suppose to be governing. As planned.

UKplc 1920.



Shambolic, disastrous privatised ambulance service run by billionaire Tesco heir

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In 2009 the Daily Mail told its readers the UK would be better off if it was run by Tesco: What if Tesco ran the country? Well, we no longer have to wonder what the UK would be like if it were run …

Source: Shambolic, disastrous privatised ambulance service run by billionaire Tesco heir

The last thing you’d let a Uk business person run is a business. It will be robbed out and turned into a smoking ruin before you know it. Aided and abetted by UK IP services.

Tescos is not a business, it is a social engineering tool with blackmail as always at the centre of the so called business model. Notice that the creeps were not forced into selling off their land bank, by institutions, when they went corruptly into the red because of fiddling the books on an epic legal scale.

Drone kill list: Parliament deceived on ‘medieval assassination’ program

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RT | April 11, 2016 Parliament has been deceived by the Conservative government on the scope and details of Britain’s unauthorized drone assassination program, according to a new report by the huma…

Source: Drone kill list: Parliament deceived on ‘medieval assassination’ program

As I was saying over at the other shop.

“Which bit of-RCE/LC has ordered the harmonisation of all forces it has sponsored in the middle east this passed century for projection Northwards into Russia- don’t these COMINTERN commentaors get? Stewpid phukkin’ kwestion! What we have here are PRAVDAbots and on message CHEKAants talking/printing utter rubbish.” http://specificgravy.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/yfw-war-news-updates-terror-attack-in.html


The Holocaust Lie — Made in America

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Too many Phukkwitz at Nuremberg.

Trust the great anti-fukkwitz w_d_w to bring it all into focus in the comments.

Work shy, closed minded, foghorn, empty mouthed, play acting fukkwitz, the world plague.


The Holo Lie - 0000 COVER

[Horst Mahler describes the creation of the Nuremberg Trials by American jews and how the trials were kangaroo courts that lynched the Germans  — KATANA.]

The Holocaust Lie

Made in America


No one denies that America and Germany incarcerated certain fractions of their populations under guard as war measures in the 1940s.  Americans like to forget that at least 120,000 Americans of Japanese extraction were rounded up and put in concentration camps in the western United States for the duration of the war.  However, they never permit the Germans to forget that Jews in German-controlled areas of Europe were treated likewise, though the reason was the same — a specific group was detained because some unknown fraction within it was a danger to the war effort and neither country was willing to risk letting it remain free for possible sabotage.  There is no dispute about this.  It happened.


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Don’t laugh, House speaker says US, israel key partners in war on terror

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One would not place anything one considers precious to one in the care of this collection of fukkedwitz.

They bathe in death. They are as swine wallowing in blood. War criminal rainbow clowns.

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House speaker says US, Israel key partners in war on terror


A bipartisan delegation of US lawmakers meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on April 4, 2016 at the premier’s office in Jerusalem al-Quds.
Press TV – April 5, 2016

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Paul Ryan led a bipartisan delegation of members of Congress to the Israeli Knesset, stressing that the alliance between Tel Aviv and Washington is “more important than ever.”

During his first official visit abroad as the House speaker, Ryan met with Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstein on Monday and said the United States will work “shoulder to shoulder” with Israel to counter their common threats.

“I wanted to come to Israel first to emphasize how important the US commitment to Israel and strong friendship with Israel is to us,” the Republican of Wisconsin said.

“Especially against the shared security threats of ISIS (Daesh)…

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