Terrorist migration to Europe

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Source: Terrorist migration to Europe

HWW Background. FTR.

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA—On the 50th anniversary of a failed coup attempt that led to one of the largest mass murders of modern times, the president of Indonesia denied a plan to apologize to the victims.
President Joko Widodo, widely known as Jokowi, expressed confidence Thursday that a coup attempt like the one staged by the so-called September 30th Movement would never occur again. But he categorically denied rumors on social media that the government was preparing to apologize to the victims and their families.
He said there had been “no thoughts” of apologizing. “If you want to ask a question regarding the issue, ask those who spread the issue.  Don’t ask me.”
Rumors of an impending apology began earlier this year when Attorney General HM Prasetyo clarified that the government would issue a statement that serious human rights violations did occur and that a joint team on settling past rights abuses would be established.

The coordinating minister of Politics, Law and Security, Luhut Panjaitan, said the government thought the reconciliation process was important because it would keep Indonesia from being regarded as a vengeful nation.
“The reconciliation process is still being discussed,” he said. “The president just said there are no thoughts on apologizing. I have said many times: We are looking forward.  Don’t ever look backward.”
Bedjo Untung, who was jailed for nearly a decade and is the chairman of the activist group 1965-1966 Murder Victims Research Foundation, said his organization demands an apology.
“The military still believe the victims of 1965 need to be monitored,” he said. “I told them, ‘What is there to monitor?’  We are old people who had been discriminated [against]. Shortly we will be in a grave, with no belongings. Why should anybody be afraid of us?”
Badri, who uses only one name, was just 19 when he was arrested by the military in 1965. He also wants an apology for the torture he endured in custody.
“I was beaten or tortured with electric shocks,” he said. “Then my back was slashed with a wire. I couldn’t get up or eat for a week.”
On September 30-October 1, 1965, six senior Indonesian generals were killed in the failed coup attempt, which was later blamed on the nation’s communist party, the PKI. Over the next several months, an estimated 500,000 or more were killed in a purge.
The failed coup and subsequent purge led to the rise of former President Suharto, who led an autocratic government for more than 30 years.
Nurhadi Sucahyo also contributed to this report, which was produced in collaboration with the VOA Indonesian service.
This story first appeared on Voice of America & is reposted here with permission.

Source: http://pacificsentinel.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/news-report-indonesian-president-says.html


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Well done. Part of the coming HW is destruction of Indian memory. It is done partially under the guise of altHistory and removing sites from study, Indus etc. One of the unstated aims of the current Afghan,Iraq, Syria fiasco is the study and then removal of ancient sites that would contradict the dictates of monoheathenismatheism. The fake religion must, it is a side effect of money worship (that is what academia now is), to kill off all memory of the spiritual. The time frame is as long as it takes so long as fiat money is made.

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The Frankfurt School is a Marxist affiliated school of social theory and philosophy. Their origins go back to the Institute for Social Research at the University of Frankfurt. “Frankfurt School” is used as a term for thinkers affiliated with the Institute for Social Research or influenced by them.

The first generation of the Frankfurt School were all Jews and the Institute of Social Research itself was funded by a Jewish millionaire, Felix Weil. It was created during the Weimar Republic and soon become very influential. They fled to the United States and migrated to major US universities—Columbia, Princeton, Brandeis, and California at Berkeley.Prominent members of the Frankfurt school include Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Herbert Marcuse, Friedrich Pollock, Erich Fromm, Walter Benjamin, and Jürgen Habermas.

Basically, the Frankfurt School believed that as long as an individual had the belief…

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The Regime Change Alchemist George Soros Pushing for Major EU Policy Fixes Due to Refugee “Crisis”

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Obviously Soros didn’t sell any of Oliver’s family during WW2 hence the integrated story line from apparently unconnected stooges.

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by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Right on time, John Oliver uses his left cover to inform his audience how they should and shouldn’t talk about the refugee “crisis”

John goes on to voice support for Soros’ plan forcing EU nations to take in these refugees.

“Studies show an influx of immigrants into economies tend to raise wages for everyone else” John Oliver

Are you kidding? Is that a joke?


From Ukraine to Serbia, from Macedonia to #BlackLivesMatter, George Soros has a long, well-established history of using his “Open” Society influence to destabilize nations in preparation for some form of regime change which always ends up a profitable venture for the vulture capitalist.

The other day, George chimed in on the ongoing refugee ‘crisis’ via an OpEd for Project Syndicate, billed as a “global opinion” website. It’s a website where you have folks like Gordon Brown pushing the…

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Pope To Present His Theory Of Climocentricism

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This is a gauge of how far USofA corp has degenerated.

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ScreenHunter_10503 Sep. 22 22.59

The Pope will explain to Congress that humans are the center of the climate universe, and that we are morally obligated to accept mindless interpretations made by political hacks, of spectacularly fraudulent government climate data.

Meanwhile climate cult activists tell us that unless we repent of our carbon sins, pay our carbon tithes,and have faith in the one true climate model – a great flood, hell fire, pestilence and famine will come.


You really can’t make this stuff up. The world under Barack Obama is reverting back to the intellectual dark ages.

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If we are conversant with the immutability of the mentally and spiritually retarded gameplay, they can exercise no imagination in their stunted worldview, then replay is the desired outcome.

We may recoil at he thought but it is a proven strategy throughout the ages. The end result is that there are no leaders at all anywhere.

So the fact that these traitors profess allegiance to Israel is not the real issue. These creatures will profess allegiance to anything they are told to.

Once Israel has ceased to be useful their heirs will profess fealty to the spirits of Saturn, again.

Anyway this is a good analysis of the Apiru Cru’s current US front running bitchboy and boybitch harem of eunuchs.



Israel: Icelanders hate Jews!

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Nope. I think the retards at RCE/TA do not understand that the world does not like murdering creepzoid lying thieving forging fantacist phukkwitz.

There we are. Fully translated through the Babelbollotron.

Anti-Semitic means Pro-Human.

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On Tuesday, the Zionist regime blasted Iceland for the boycott of its products by country’s capital city council over the Jewish occupation of Palestinian territories, describing it as a volcano of hatred.

A volcano of hatred is erupting in Reykjavik city council. Without any reason and justification beside pure hatred, calls are being issued to boycott the state of Israel,” whined Jewish foreign ministry spokesperson Emmanuel Nahshon.

The European Union has called for the boycott of Jewish products produced in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. The United Nations calls Jewish settlements illegal in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in June 1967, formerly administered by Jordanian ‘royals’.

On Friday, the LA-based Jewish lobby group, Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a travelling warning for Jews wishing to visit Reykjavik. Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the head of the group said that while Iceland was a popular destination with Jews and Israelis…

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