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Couldn’t give a flying one about the Bullhorn Foghorn Leghorn comic clown, go try and expose a real secret meeting ya muppet, but it is true that the current decision makers and creatives at the Bairns Buggering Corporation cut their teeth during the hay day of Jimmy S’eville.

They extort monies from us to fuel their coke and necrophiliac habits whilst talking more bollox than any PRAVDA operative ever did.

The BBC hate anything that is intrinsically popular. They hate it. They spend gazzillions on their Marxist/Fabian/Tavistokian/Frankenstein Monster programmes that are utter shite. Try looking at any of their so called comedies that came out of their creative hothouses. Check out any “business” or “economics” related programme. Pure Soviet ignorance of industrial incompetence. Too much skunk and underage spunk addled their brains. Stinking commie money wasting priests of the fucknun.

Ignore the dump and the occupants.

Tactical and strategic considerations in the coming war with Poland.

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Originally posted on shoabloger:

General Franz Halder’s remarks to Wehrmacht’s officer halder fincorps regarding a possible military confrontation with Poland. A few days later a treaty was signed in Moscow which made a threat of the Soviets moving against German forces in Poland irrelevant. The language is brutal and direct, but the international situation of Germany was complicated and, potentially, very dangerous, as it turned out.

This may be the first ever translation of this fine speech into English.

The speech appeared in 1997 in the third issue of ‘Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte’.  Enjoy! (Shoabloger) 

Excerpt from a lecture by the Chief of the General Staff Franz Halder to generals and General Staff officers as part of a cycle at the Wehrmacht Akademie, August 20, 1939

The lecture was designated as “confidential”.

* * * * *

As regards the topic of “the coming war”, I will speak to you today about the issue itself, and…

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News host’s ‘penis-shaped’ neckline attracts social media mockery

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News host’s ‘penis-shaped’ neckline attracts social media mockery.


BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA, wear a “religious” pendant and the social media CHEKA pedants will shit on you. Desport a jizzing priapus under your PRAVDAfartface and everything is Kosher.



Boris Nemtsov Shooting: This is How They Did It

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Originally posted on American Everyman:

by Scott Creighton

The shooting of Boris Nemtsov was obviously planned as an operation of destabilization, an attempt to undermine the current, freely elected and popularly supported government in Russia.

When the Russian secret services decide to remove a threat, much like ours, they can do so in such a manner that you would never know they were there. In a way even the coroner wouldn’t know it was murder. They don’t resort to ham-handed public executions like this one which looks more like a Bloods V Crips drive-by than a modern day political assassination. The point is, someone wanted this event to be seen and recognized as a hit. Moscow certainly wouldn’t have wanted that, which begs the question: who would have?

Details of the shooting are still scattered and in some cases, self-contradictory. There are still multiple news outlets reporting the early, misleading details that emerged within…

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Girlfriend of Charlie Hebdo Editor is a Rothschild Arch-Zionist Agent

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Originally posted on Pragmatic Witness:

As further confirmation of the terminally wretched hoax that is the supposed terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical ‘newspaper’ there comes forth this hoaxer, arch-Zionist agent Jeannette Bougrab. A Mizrahi Jew Bougrab attempt to disguise herself as a grieving, even disgruntled, girlfriend of yet another treacherous arch-Zionist mole Stephane Charbonneir. They are Zionist fabricators together, one covering the other for his lies.

The purported girlfriend of so-called secular journalist is nothing other than a terminally corrupt Islamophobic Mossad more:


She is a Zionist Jew, make no mistake about it, and her ‘critic’ of Islam is not about ‘social’ issues or ‘cultural’ norms but, rather, a kind of plot on behalf of Israeli machinations.


The Mizrahi Jew Bougrab is an actual cabinet member of none other than that arch-Rothschild entity and global domineering cabal Mayer-Brown. The word Mayer is derived from the first name of the greater father of Rothschild…

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Merkel ist unser Unglück!

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Merkel, Gabriel und die bösen Clowns der Lobby fahren im Auftrag der Weltfinanz eine Kriegspolitik gegen Russland und eine Zerstörungspolitik gegen die Deutschen!

USrael holte zum größtmöglichen Finanz-Manipulations-Schlag gegen Russland aus. Eine Entscheidung über die künftige Kräftepolitik in der Welt muss nämlich rasch erfolgen, da in nur drei Jahren Russland Unmengen an Gas nach China pumpen wird, ohne den Dollar dabei zu benutzen, was den monetären Kollaps USraels unweigerlich zur Folge haben muss.

Das Russland-China-Abkommen im Zusammenhang mit einer bislang nicht gekannten Größe an Energie-Lieferungen unter völliger Ausschaltung der üblichen “Hilfestellungen” des US-Banker-Kartells und mit leuchtend-offenkundiger Abkoppelung des FED-Dollars vom Petrodollar vor dem Hintergrund des enstehenden “Gaso-Yuan” war bis dato nicht vorstellbar. Etwa 40 Notenbanken weltweit sehen diese Entwicklung zwar kommen, die FED will es aber noch nicht wahrhaben, setzt auf Krieg als letztes Mittel der Machterhaltung.

Und so ließ die FED ihre Muskeln spielen, da sowohl der Rubel, als…

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