Did Germany really start World War II?

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The role of UKplc this passed 500 years is to cause all the wars whilst looking like victim/defender. All the while claiming to be the defender of something “good” whilst really being the purveyor of mass murder. Jack the Ripper in a Ronald MacDonald outfit.

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I have been having a lengthy discussion, with one of the regular readers of my blog, about who started World War II, Germany or Poland?

Here is the kosher version of the start of World War II, from this kosher website:


Begin quote from website above

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Eagle campaign caught out in self-serving lie

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by Kit The anti-Corbyn coup, launched simultaneously across the press and PLP, hasn’t had much go their way. Corbyn refused to resign. The public are largely behind him. The NEC caved to memb…

Source: Eagle campaign caught out in self-serving lie

I think my comment herehttps://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/jeremy-corbyn-mentch-extraordinaire/ was accurate.

One year out and the breaking of UK parliament into Sharia and, the original intention this passed 100 years, Talmudic/NOAHide groupings with the dead end Tories/Libs/Labour withering is one step closer.


Did Bernie Suck HRC’s Goober?

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Not quite Machi enough. Start with what we know, no questions asked.
TPTB hate ordinary USofA corpspersons.
USofA is now “managed”
The Clintons, Bushes,Farters et al are expendables. Billonaires a two a penny these days.
How’s about POTUS gets elected from the assorted retards AND then the move is made.
You could get a Petain or Hindenberg.
Only after that inflection point with the office of POTUS truly degraded does the real work begin.

Just a suggestion.

B'Man's Revolt

I have contended since last summer that Trump will run against Sanders, mainly because everyone else was sucking the donkey goober.

I said that Killery will do the Hari Kiri, but not go to jail, pretending sickness (or maybe some other situation that forces her to pull out of the election.

Have I changed my mind with the latest Bernie ass-kiss endorsement of the she devil? Not so fast.

Why would Bernie, a man who has made his entire career out of pretending to be against the likes of her, do a 180, hat in hand, bow before the throne and do the nasty? The obvious answer would be that he is a jew liar. But there may be more answers (or maybe its just me holding on to a dead theory).

What if he knows that the legal stuff is not over? By aligning himself with her…

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Obama Gets His Anti-China Piece of Paper…Let’s See If He Manages To Start WWIII With It

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Barry Soetoro, the Orang Maobitch, gets confused breathing so don’t be expecting anything emerging from between his ears other than commiekrap.


[‘Ill-founded, farcical’: Beijing blasts South China Sea ruling]

[Look for Obama to attempt to use that ruling as a club to bash China into compliance with dictates from the New World Order that he has worked so hard to empower. If he is really planning on winning Ban Ki Moon’s seat after he turns power over to Hillary, then this would provide sufficient legal grounds for him to use in an attempt to muster a global consensus for militarily evicting China from the islands it has built up in the S. China Sea (Obama Plans To Grab Ban Ki Moon’s Job Next Year).]

What happens after The Hague court rules?

manilla times

For the past several weeks, the government had been expecting the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague to rule in its favor on its dispute with China in the South China…

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The 1905 multiplex

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Sometimes the complexfukkery that is a million lazy baboons tapping to infinity will produce Shakespeare or at least a simulacrum of sense when theGodedits strike.

“Even though the working class is today on the retreat everywhere 1905, or rather 1905’s, will come again. The fundamental contradictions of a global system of exploitation have not changed in the last century. New struggles are inevitable. The gains in consciousness and political understanding the working class has derived from the struggles of the last century have not been lost. They are defended by organisations like ours who may currently be tiny minorities but they are the precursors of a new international party which will also be truly internationalist. This will lead the fight against capitalist rule by injecting the revolutionary programme into the new waves of struggles. Most significantly, new class wide bodies will arise out of the struggle itself, which will show the way to a different world order based on cooperation and equality. Whether they are ultimately victorious will depend on the balance of forces between workers and capitalists at the time. The message thus remains the same as raised by Rosa Luxemburg in the 1890’s – “socialism or barbarism”.”http://www.leftcom.org/en/articles/2005-06-01/a-majestic-prologue-the-russian-revolution-of-1905

Phukkwittery is after all a genetic inheritance or lifestyle idle idoliretardy choice for the nonchosenphukkwitz. So even though cult stylings from Canada are not a medium of choice here, like Rosa highkighting the fukkwittery at work by accidental phukkwittery, Spefan has his uses.

[Stefan Molyneux gives his lively (and choreographed) take on the reported deaths of five cops in Dallas by sniper fire at a Black Lives Matter protest rally. He provides plenty of damning…

Source: Stefan Molyneux – Dallas Police Shooting — TRANSCRIPT

However one does wonder how many unknowing MiKulaks make a genocide?



Pharmacy Time! Some one needs a Sonderkommando to drop by and pay a home visit. Bayer CEO: ‘We don’t make medicine for poor Indians’

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by Nikolai Brown, for Anti-Imperialism I think I’m correct in saying that Bayer is an associate of IG Farben: the same IG Farben whose labour and product was used in the Holocaust…so it…

Source: Bayer CEO: ‘We don’t make medicine for poor Indians’

UK Government provides last-minute immunity to Tzipi Livni

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Has someone taken a Karcher to the criminal since we last heard about her? If I were UKplod I’d get the NBC suits ready.


Tzipi Livni refuses police interview in relation to war crimes investigation British Government provide last-minute immunity Scotland Yard’s War Crimes Unit transmitted a letter to the Israeli Emba…

Source: UK Government provides last-minute immunity to Tzipi Livni


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