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The Devil’s Disciple in drag. What a hag. He is a clear indicator that the Nuremberg trials were a scam and sham.

In London one can bump into all the world’s war criminals at play.

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Image 'Copyleft' by Carlos Latuff Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

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Tony Blair Steps Down as Mideast Mediator


Former British prime minister Tony Blair will step down as representative of the Quartet of Middle East powerbrokers at the end of June, diplomatic sources said on Wednesday.

Blair wrote to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday that he would step down from the role he has held since 2007. “(His) decision …will come into effect at the end of next month,” a source close to the Quartet said.

No comment was immediately available from Blair’s office in London.

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Racism Is Off Topic in NYT Profile of Justice Minister

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Racism Is Off Topic in NYT Profile of Justice Minister.

Typical gangster mol from the RCE/TA pirate base.

Just Ice anyone and everyone.


Ziocreepziod of the void.

Polish Victims of Pawel Pawlikowski’s IDA heroine speak up.

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Hiding in clear site in academia. BWAHAHAHAAAA. No wonder UK unies are shitholes.


UKplc cutthroat island.


Polish Victims of Pawel Pawlikowski’s IDA heroine speak up..

Largest Known U.S. Vietnam War Atrocity

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Largest Known U.S. Vietnam War Atrocity

But Ignored by U.S. News Media

by DC Dave

Reporting on a recent speech by Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in which the Vietnamese leader said that Americans committed “countless barbarous crimes” in the Vietnam War, The Washington Post’s Adam Taylor made this further observation:


And while My Lai is acknowledged, some say that the massacre was only notable because of its scale, and that smaller-scale killings of civilians by U.S. troops were alarmingly commonplace. In his book “Kill Anything That Moves,” journalist Nick Turse argues that American authorities were aware of similar killings and often allowed them.

“The indiscriminate killing of South Vietnamese noncombatants — the endless slaughter that wiped out civilians day after day, month after month, year after year throughout the Vietnam War — was neither accidental nor unforeseeable,” Turse wrote.

Taylor finds Prime Minister Nguyen’s statement…

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Historic Video Gone Viral: Berlin, July 1945

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Very interesting.

The Soviets gutted everything between May and July. After that UK and USA took possession of their sectors. Roads cleared to facilitate reparation of plant and capital goods.

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berlin 45

1.3 million views for 70 year old history isn’t bad. The comments on youtube show amazement at what is seen in this 7 minutes of history. The Germans look pretty well dressed and healthy to me. To some degree they were dressed better than Americans today. And everyone looks pretty fit.

Published on Apr 28, 2015
That’s how it looked like just after the Second World War in Berlin!

Fascinating moving pictures in color show the situation of the city in summer 1945, just after the Second World War and the capitulation of Germany. Daily life after years of war.

Pictures from the destroyed city, the Reichstag, Brandenburger Tor, Adlon, Führerbunker, Unter den Linden, rubble women working in the streets, the tram is running again.

A collage of archive material
produced by: Kronos Media

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US complicit in Katyn cover-up

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Watch this one.

In the run up to Russian mainstream outing as EEEVVEEELLLL by western MSMbitchboys and SKYNETBBCGULAGboybitches.

ALL the Talmudic crimes against Euroepans will be blamed on Russia. All the TalmudicHeathenYEW murderers will be forgotten.

US complicit in Katyn cover-up.

Katyn was an internationalist jewish run NKVD operation against European nationals.

Katyn had nothing to do with Russians.

As I remarked at the other shop the original plan was for British academics/clergy/police/unionists/SNP/Plydd Cwmry/Kernow/Sien Fein et al to all end up face down in a lime filled pit in Epping/Rendlesham any other secluded forested place. All done by jew run NKVD execution squads following the Murder Army into town.


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