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Hidden History: The Secret Origins of WW I — Chpt 1 and 2

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[Hidden History is a revisionist book on how the jewish dominated (((Secret Elite))) engineered WWI, starting decades prior to it.

The history of the First World War is a deliberately concocted lie. Not the sacrifice, the heroism, the horrendous waste of life or the misery that followed. No, these were very real, but the truth of how it all began and how it was unnecessarily and deliberately prolonged beyond 1915 has been successfully covered up for a century.”

Written by Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor, it’s:

Dedicated to the victims of an unspeakable evil.



The Secret Origins

of the

First World War

Hidden History 000

Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor


Dedicated to the victims of an unspeakable evil.


FIRST AND FOREMOST WE OWE a debt to those writers and historians who, in the aftermath of the First World…

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Why Aren’t There Any Openly Gay Astronauts?

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via Why Aren’t There Any Openly Gay Astronauts?

Like the previous repost here re Yak 141, beautiful bird, this is from anther century.

I make it 35 years ago. 35 years before that everywhere was blasted to hell.

Just think about that; from 1948-1983 we went from a bomb site to the moon. Hell even UKplc parked its own up in the perigee/apogee club. From 1983-2018 all we’ve done is publish unending industrial scale counterfeit, a la Bernhard, and stare at a coquimcentric stench.

If you don’t under stand that then you’ve parked your moon buggy just off the A-1M in the fake Kubrick/Clarke masonic layby.



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Sporkingly great vid. From another century.

Strategika 51

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L’Arabie saoudite a-t-elle utilisé des armes chimiques au Yémen ?

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Oh no wonder UK news is full of ultrarubbish at the moment digging up long dead persons, BWAHAHAHAHAAAA

Olivier Demeulenaere - Regards sur l'économie

“Le journaliste saoudien Jamal Khashoggi a-t-il été assassiné parce qu’il en savait trop sur la guerre sans pitié menée par MBS au Yémen ? Analyse du chercheur Sébastien Boussois.

Le Yémen pourrait constituer le cimetière des ambitions mondiales de Mohamed Ben Salmane, prince héritier d’Arabie Saoudite. Mais il ne serait pas le seul mouillé dans l’affaire.

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Reposted with some other goodies.

Wide Awake Gentile

The World Order adopted the Hegeliandialectic, . It functions on the principle of thesis, antithesis which results when the thesis and antithesis are thrownagainsteachother for a predeterminedoutcome. Thus the World Order organizes and finances Jewish groups; it then organizes and finances anti-Jewish groups; it organizes Communist groups; it then organizes and finances anti- Communist groups.

It is not necessary for the Order to throw these groups against each other; they seek each other out like heat-seeking missiles, and try  to destroy each other. By controlling the size and resources of eachgroup,the World Order can always predetermine the outcome.

THE WORLD ORDER A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism by Eustace Mullins

Sabarimala is the second largest seasonal pilgrimage after Mecca in Saudi Arabia. An estimated 3.5 crore pilgrims visited the shrine in 2016 and the total revenue collection of the Lord…

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Now then now then boys and girls, we continue the programmed viewing with a light operetta from the Bunafields, also reference the “Bombline” and “ON.IR” malarkey over at my other shops.


If you have checked any Kammlersstab material you will see the Oppenheimer pink gin analogues peeking through the legend and the never to be asked questions then raise their heads.


If the secret bearers all got offed how come so many lived to spread their tales, see restrung Poles like Witkowski, after 1990?


If Auschwitz was rebuilt as a Trumpesque casino operation by the KGB after 1945, how come the inmates got wind that the Big 3 had handed all numbers game operations, Ost Neu Mejico, with the R&D labs over for a final OGPU solution after May 1945, in late 1944?


Who was really running the Hess/Bormann show?


1944 vintage Ballistic missiles fly better to the East than to the West, so why bother?




My final solution of the Final Solution

September 24, 2018 In Holocaust controversy

5-6 million Jews are said to have been killed by Germans in the Second World War. It implies that the Jewish world population must have decreased by 5-6 million between the years 1939 and 1946. The total world Jewish population from the World Almanac are as follows:

1941 15,748,091
1944 15,192,089
1947 15,688,259
1948 15,688,259
1949 11,266,600

No new estimates were made between 1938 and 1947, the estimates are based on the data for the years 1938 and 1948. The 1948 data was used in the estimate for 1949. The drop of the Jewish population is calculated from the last two figures: 15,688,259-11,266,600=4,421,659. The number given for 1944 is calculated in some other way and it is a bit smaller.

From the Collier’s Encyclopedia (1950), volume 11, page 413, entry Jews, History of, we read: „Despite repeated efforts no really satisfactory census of the Jewish population of the world has yet been made. Much depends on whether the enumeration includes only the followers of the Hebrew religion or also those who share the cultural and social heritage of Judaism but are not observers of the faith. In 1939, before Hitler’s organized campaign of extermination was in full swing, the American Jewish Committee estimated that the world total of the Jewish population was 15,688,259, distributed as follows; Europe, 8,939,608; Africa, 298,339, Asia, 838,809; Austalasia 27,016; and the Americas, 5,283,487.” Thus, Collier’s Encyclopedia confirms the estimate for 1939, based on the data for 1938.

We can conclude that from Jewish census data, the death toll is 4.42 million, not 5-6 million.  However, in the American Jewish Committee Yearbook 1948-49 there is a different estimate for the world Jewish population in 1939, 16,643,120. The difference grows to 16,643,120-11,266,600=5,376,520. This increase is not explained, but looking at the data for Europe in the Yearbook we see that emigration out of Europe is ignored.

There is no chance that this increase of the world Jewish population of 1939 by one million was a mistake or based on any valid argument. It was an intentional error introduced there to support the statements of the Nüremberg trials of six million Jews having been killed.

Next we look at a problem with the death toll in Auschwitz. According to the official story 1-1.5 million Jews dies in Auschwitz. Adding the estimates to Operation Reinhardt camps (Treblinka, Sobibór ja Bełżec) gives about 1.48 million. To Chełmno was sent 0.15 million, presumed dead. In Majdanek died at least 59,000. There were 410,000 Jewish survivors in German concentration camps known to the West. Together these make at least 3.1 million, which is reached if the Auschwitz death toll is on the lower bound of 1 million. The problem is that this is the exact number of Jews, who could have died in German hands in the European countries outside the Soviet Union of 1946 and Romania.

Germans transported 1.22 million Jews from occupied countries excluding the Soviet Union of 1946, and Romania of course, as Germans did not occupy it. There were 1.84 million Jews in the Western part of Poland, which Germany occupied in 1939, calculated from the Polish census of 1931, which divides the country into regions and gives ethnic and religious groups, with the American Jewish Committee estimation of 3.25 million Jews in Poland in 1939. Together these make 1.22+1.84=3.06 million.

There were some transports from the area occupied by the Soviet Union in 1946 to Western Poland omitting the Operation Reinhardt camps, but they were small. In total they increased the number of Jews in Western Poland by 60.000. Adding this 60,000 to 3.06 million yields 3.1 million, the minimum sum of Jews that died in the camps that were mentioned or survived in concentration camps.

The problem is that many Jews died in other camps. About 170,000 died in ghettos and labor camps in Poland, about 300,000 died in camps in Germany and Austria, 33,000 died in Theresienstadt, 50,000 died in the German attack of 1939 and the terror following it, and 7,000 died in the Warsaw ghetto upraising. Additionally, 80,000 Jews managed to hide in Western Poland and survived the war. Together these make 640,000. Small corrections can be made to these numbers, but it is clear that all Jews did not die in the six concentration camps in Poland (Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibór, Bełżec, Chełmno, Majdanek). We have all seen after-war photos from camps in German with Jewish bodies, we have heard of ghettos in Warsaw and Łódź and how hard life there was and how many died there. The 80,000 survivors in Western Poland, of 3 million, are not an illusion: about 300,000 Polish Jews are known to have survived the war in Europe: this 80,000, a portion of the 410,000 who were alive in the camps, and 104,000 who came to DP-camps from the east after 1946. Very clearly, these amount at least to 500,000-600,000 no matter how one calculates.

It follows that the death toll for Auschwitz must be wrong. The official story is clearly wrong. Is there any chance that main stream Holocaust researchers have not noticed this problem? Absolutely no, this is not an honest error. This, just as increasing the Jewish world population of 1939 by a million, is an intentional error. It took me only as long as was needed to find the numbers to break Poland into Western and Eastern Poland to notice this problem. Holocaust researchers have studied the topic for years. This is fraud.

As we now have a good view of the honesty of main stream Holocaust researchers, let us consider this upper bound for Auschwitz. The Auschwitz death toll cannot be more than 360,000, but can it be less? We know that about 60,000 registered Jewish prisoners died in Auschwitz, thus the number of unregistered Jewish prisoners who may have been gassed in Auschwitz is at most 300,000. However, Eichmann gave an interview, which led to his arrest and death, in which he says that 200,000 Hungarian Jews were left to Auschwitz to wait for the Soviets to arrive. As  main stream Holocaust researchers are fraudsters, we can just as well accept this Eichmann’s statement. It seems correct.

Indeed, assume that these Hungarian Jews were not left to Soviets. Then they have disappeared. They should have been killed in Auschwitz if so, but their number fills to upper bound that we just derived. It would be so that only Hungarian Jews were killed in Auschwitz, no other Jews. There is no support for such a claim: it is against all eyewitness statements that claim that Jews were gassed since 1942. We must conclude that Hungarian Jews were not gassed in Auschwitz and Eichmann told correctly. I have written a post of Rudolf Hoess autobiography and explain there that Hoess actually denies his confession that Jews were gassed in Auschwitz. Some Jews from all concentration camps were sent to eugenics centers and killed there, very possibly with gas, under Action 14f13. But under this action died 15,000-20,000 prisoners, not all Jews. These victims are in the camp death tolls.

There remain 100,000 to explain. I do not see any additional death causes, nor survivors. But I see one simple reason: the Jewish population of Poland is estimated from the census of 1931. In 1931 Poland had 3 million Jews, then the population is expected by AJY to have increased to 3.25 million in 1939. But Jews moved to Western Europe from Poland. If we assume that the Jewish population of Poland was 3.1 million in 1939, then the remaining 100,000 disappears. I think this is the correct solution.

Let us now calculate the death toll in the countries outside the Soviet Union of 1946 omitting so far the three Operation Reinhardt camps. We have 60,000 in Auschwitz, 150,000 in Chełmno, 59,000 in Majdanek, 170,000 in ghettos and labor camps in Poland, 300,000 in camps in Germany and Austria, 33,000 in Theresienstadt, 57,000 in battles. The total is 829,000. Deaths in Romania were about 140,000 or more and in Yugoslavia died some 33,000-58,000. Together the total sum is roundly 1 million. As most of these deaths were in concentration camps, we may assume that most victims were cremated, but those who died in ghettos and battles were most probably buried in cemeteries. Very few of these victims could be in mass graves.

As pointed out, deaths in Operation Reinhardt camps were not included in this figure. We will include them in the death toll for the East, though these camps were in the Western Poland. Before going to calculation of the death toll for the East, let us first consider the Jewish population of the Soviet Union and Baltic countries in 1939. According to AJ Yearbook 1938-39 the Jewish population of these countries was 2.8 million, but AJY adds that the estimate is very uncertain.

This figure seems to be 1 million too high. The argument goes is as follows. The Ashkenazi Jewish population growth had for a long time (1300-1900) been about 1.49% yearly, doubling every 50 years. Thus, in 1850 there were about 3 million Ashkenazi Jews and 3 million other Jews, while in 1900 there were 6 million Ashkenazi Jews (5 million in Russia, 1 million elsewhere). However, the USA Jewish population grew faster than 1.49% natural growth and known Jewish immigration to the USA: the USA Jewish population was 0.9 million higher in 1939 than it should have been. The unexplained growth is between 1921 ans 1939. There are two possible reasons: either it was caused by unrecorded immigration from Eastern Europe, or by a higher birth rate in the USA.

The USA had imposed restrictions on immigration from Eastern Europe in order to block the entry to the country from Jews, Eastern Europeans and Southern Europeans. These restrictions could be by-passed by first moving to a third country, which had some room in the immigration quote (like England, Germany, Mexico) and to immigrate in that country’s quota. There is some indication that hundreds of thousands of Jews moved through Poland to the west before in the decade the war. Unrecorded emigration to the USA is one way of explaining 1 million additional Jews in the Jewish population of the USA.

The other explanation is that the birth rate in the USA was higher than 1.49% annually. If it is the latter explanation, then the birth rate in Eastern Europe fell as young population, which is in the age to make children, had emigrated.

In both cases the result is the same: 1 million addition in the USA implies 1 million reduction in Eastern Europe. As this reduction is not seen in Poland, it must be in the Soviet Union and the Baltic countries as they were in 1938.

This seems reasonable considering the Ashkenazi Jewish world population in 1939. With the growth rate of 1.49% annually, 6 million in 1900 should have grown to 10.3 million in 1939. From the Collier’s Encyclopedia the American Jewish Committee figures were: Europe, 8,939,608; Africa, 298,339, Asia, 838,809; Austalasia 27,016; and the Americas, 5,283,487. Asia and Africa were non-Ashkenazi, so were 47,000 Italian, 73,000 Greek, 58,000 Yugoslavian, 600,000 Romanian, 55,000 Turkish Europe, 47,000 Bulgarian Jews. There were some 200,000 Sephardi Jews in France. Together non-Ashkenazi Jews make about 2.2 million in the world, the same as today, thus AJY counter about about 15.7-2.2=13.5 million Ashkenazi Jews in the world in 1939. Obviously the birth rate had been a bit over 1.49%, but still the figure 13.5 million is too high compared to the expected 10.3 million. It is very likely that the Jewish population of the Soviet Union and the three Baltic states in 1938 was not 2.8 million, it was 1.8 million.

AJY 1948-49 gives as the Jewish population of the Soviet Union of 1948 as 2 million. It is a round number and therefore not precise. It may mean e.g. 2.5 million, but it seems strongly that the actual population was about 3 million. This is because the Soviet Union had a census in 1953 and there were 3 million Jews in this census. Additionally, Vagner made demographic estimations in the Soviet Union in later 1980ies and concluded that in the Soviet Union there were 4 million Jews with a Jewish mother. With a growth rate 0.8% this implies that in 1946 there were 2.9 million Jews. The growth rate 0.8% corresponds to the growth of the Polish Jewish population between the census of 1921 and 1931 from 2.77 million to 3 million. This figure can be typical to the times. Today Jewish population growth is zero in the world, but 1.49% in Israel.

I conclude from these considerations that the Jewish population of the Soviet Union before it occupied Eastern Poland was 1.8 million. The Jewish population of Eastern Poland was 1.3 million (i.e, 1.74 in Western Poland, 0.06 transported from East to West, 1.3 in Eastern Poland makes 3.1 million as the Jewish population of Poland in 1939). Additionally 0.2 million Hungarian Jews were handed over to Russians in Auschwitz according to Eichmann. I also conclude that the Jewish population of the Soviet Union of 1946 was 2.9 million.

Thus, before the Barbarossa Operation there were 1.8+1.3+0.2=3.3 million Jews in the Soviet Union and after the war there were 2.9 million. We see the problem: too few Jews died, only 0.4 million. That is impossible. Whether the Jews were evacuated by Soviets or captured by Germans they had to be in camps. We should expect that 0.25-0.33% of them died since this is typical for camps in those times under those conditions. In Russian evacuation camps in Siberia I would expect higher death ratios, not many survived of the 200,000 who escaped from West Poland in 1939. We see that we need the Jews, who were sent to Operation Reinhardt camps, just in order to explain the Jewish population of the Soviet Union. Indeed, 1.48 million were sent to these camps. Let us assume that 150,000 of them were killed in the camps, 1.33 million remained. Adding this to 3.3 million gives 4.63 million, of which 2.9 million survived in the Soviet Union.

But there is another group of survivors: 260,000 Jews came to DP-camps after 1946 and they seem to have passed the Operation Reinhardt camps. The argument is as follows.    There were 250,000 Jews in the DP-camps in 1946 and 138,000 immigrated legally to Palestine from the DP-camps. There should have stayed 112,000 Jews, but there came more Jews to DP-camps from Eastern Europe after 1946.

How many more? Newly independent Israel opened doors in 1948 and took from Europe 0.338 million Jews during 1948-53. They came from DP-camps. Of these 0.338 million, 0.025 million were from Western Europe and the rest from Eastern Europe. Additionally the USA took first 80,000 Jews from DP camps and later 57,000. Thus, 137,000 Jews from DP-camps immigrated to the USA after 1948. Canada and South-Africa took additionally 20,000 Jews from DP-camps after 1948. So, there was supposed to be 112,000 Jews in DP-camps but after 1948 from DP-camps immigrated 338,000+137,000+20,000=495,000 Jews. That means that 383,000 Jews came to DP-camps from Eastern Europe after 1946.

It is partially known where they came from. The largest groups that immigrated 1948-53 from Europe to Israel were from Poland (104,000) and from Romania (123,000). The origin of 30,000 is not known. Very few came from the Soviet Union. Let us subtract the Romanian Jews as they were not under Nazis. There is left 260,000.

Israel immigration data says that very few were from the Soviet Union. That must mean the Soviet Union of 1946. It included East Poland and the Baltic states. Thus, 260,000 were survivors from West Poland or Western and Central Europe.

Notice that only 300,000 Polish Jews are known in the West to have survived. This includes 80,000 Jews who were hiding in West Poland, some part of the 410,000 found alive from camps in the West, and 104,000 who came to the DP-camps. That is together 300,000. All. It leaves 156,000 other survivors. The Jews of the Baltic states were certainly not allowed to escape to the West as those countries were attached to the Soviet Union. The conclusion is: of these 260,000 104,000 were Jews of West Poland and 156,000 were Jews of Western countries. The only possible way a so large number could have been moved to the Soviet Union of 1946 is through Operation Reinhardt camps.

This argument shows incorrect the claim of the official Holocaust story that practically all Jews, who were sent to Operation Reinhardt camps, were killed. The 260,000 Jews in DP-camps alone shows that the official story is wrong even without corrections to the Jewish population of the Soviet Union.

Let us continue with the death toll of the East. Thus, there were 4.63 million Jews, 0.26 million came to DP-camps after 1946, and 2.9 million survived in the Soviet Union. The rest must have died. That is 1.47 million. We have now the total death toll of the war: 1 million died in the West, 1.47 million died in the East and 0.15 million died in Operation Reinhardt camps. That is 2.62 million.

This is about the same number we get from the world Jewish population estimates. We remember that the difference was 4.42 million. Reducing the Jewish population of the East by 1 million before the war and adding 0.9 million after the war changes the death toll to 2.52 million. But we must reduce the Polish population from 3.25 million to 3.1 million, thus the death toll is 2.4 million.

For the East we have to make some assumptions as so little is known. The official story is false. Let us take the comment from Göbbels’ diary: 40% are to be used for work and 60% are to be liquidated. From 1.48 million 40% is 592,000. Assuming that liquidating means killing, 888,000 were killed. This would imply that in the Soviet Union was 0.592+3.2=3.89 million Jews and 2.9 survived. Only 25.4% would have died. I consider this highly unlikely. It is barely high enough even for concentration camps alone and has no allowance for Einsatzgruppen killings. We must conclude that liquidation does not mean killing. It means turning into cash and removing as an asset. That is, it means looting and resettling. I estimate that 10% is a likely figure for the killed. That figure covers mentally ill, disabled and too sick prisoners. Let us assume 150,000 were killed, 590,000 taken to work and 740,000 were resettled. Of the 590,000 taken to work, 260,000 came to DP-camps after the war, 200,000 died, and 130,000 stayed in the Soviet Union. Thus, 130,000+740,000=870,000 Jews, who were transported to the Soviet Union stayed in the Soviet Union, but not all stayed alive.

There were 3.1 million Jews in the area before the German attack. Some 60-80% were evacuated, but this 60-80% is not necessarily calculated from the whole 3.1 million. We know that 200,000 Jews escaped to the Soviet side when Germany attacked in 1939 and these Jews ended to Siberia. Based on the Korherr report, where he mentions 2.2 million Jews who fled, I assume that 1 million of this 3.1 million escaped or were taken to Siberia. There remained 2.1 million. From this number 60-80% were evacuated. Let us say 1.7 million, 80%, were evacuated and 0.4 million stayed. This agrees with my understanding of the Korherr report.

Earlier we obtained the figure 1.47 million of those who died. This figure includes 0.2 million who were selected for work and died. It probably includes 0.5 million of 1 million who went to Siberia. There is left 0.77 million. This includes Jews shot by Einsatzgruppen, Jews, who were evacuated but not to Siberia, and resettled who died. The death toll of Einsatzgruppen shootings is considerable smaller than the 1-1.5 million that the official story claims. It cannot be larger than the number that remained in the area, which based on the Korherr report I conclude is not larger than 400,000. Some of the Jews surely died in the war. Some were taken to Polish units that Soviets created, from which Jews later escaped to Palestine instead of fighting in Italy. Probably 100,000 escaped to Palestine in one way (like the illegal immigration of 120,000) or another and we get the death toll of the Jews to 2.4-2.5 million, which agrees with the world population reduction.

I can suggest a more detailed calculation based on Yad Vashem data, but it is only a guess. Yad Vashem has collected a database of missing Jews. Today this database contains names and birth places of 3.5 million Jews who are presumed dead. Many of them are only missing, not proven dead. From Western countries the database includes very high percentages of names of Jews assumed dead, we can trust that data, but from Eastern Europe the percentages are much lower. Notably, 200,000 Hungarian Jews, which we assumed were left to Soviets, are missing and assumed dead in Yad Vashem data. The same is true to almost all 1.48 million transported to Operation Reinhardt camps. If this would not be so, then Yad Vashem data would alone show the official story incorrect. However, 260,000 who came to DP-camps after 1946 are not in Yad Vashem missing persons list. Thus, Yad Vashem 3.5 million includes 0.2 million Hungarian Jews and 1.48-0.26 million Jews transported to Operation Reinhardt camps. Together it is 1.42 million. Above I calculated that 0.2 million Hungarian Jews were left alive as Soviets got them at the end of the war, 0.15 million were killed in Operation Reinhardt camps in eugenics centers (10%, quite possibly with gas) and 0.2 million of those 0.59 million taken to work died (1/3). This means that I calculated that 0.35 million died. Yet the difference between my total death toll 2.5 million and Yad Vashem missing people toll, 3.5 million, differs by 1 million. The difference should be 1.42-0.35=1.07 million. This means that 70,000 of the resettled 740,000 died. That is 9.5%. Jews, who were in the Soviet side, 1.9 million, lived in the same war area. I assume they had the same death ratio, 9.5%. Thus, 0.18 million of them died.

The total death toll 1.47 million in the Soviet Union of 1946 is probably 100,000-200,000 too large. This death toll gives 4.67 million as the total death toll of Jews in WWII, but from the Jewish world population it was about 2.4 million. I will assume that 120,000 Jews managed to escape from the Soviet Union of 1946 to Palestine and the total Jewish death toll in the WWII was 2.5 million. Thus, the death toll in the Soviet Union of 1946 is 1.35 million. It is divided as follows (in millions)

0.2 died of 0.59 taken to work (1/3)

0.07 died of resettled due to the war conditions (9.5%)

0.5 died of 1 who fled or were taken to Siberia (50%)

0.18 died of 1.9 in the Soviet side due to the war conditions (9.5%)

0.4 killed by Einsatzgruppen or died in other ways in German hands, all Jews left in the area.

It is not possible to say if Einsatzgruppen killed 400,000 or less, but it seems that about 400,000 left to the area died in German hands, unless the Jewish population of the Soviet Union in 1948 was still higher than 2.9 million.

Further than this I cannot go with calculations.

What could have happened to the missing one million Jews that are in the 3.5 million death toll of Vad Vashem? This is only a guess, but the question is of 200,000 Hungarian Jews and 1.48-0.26=1.22 million Jews who were taken to Operation Reinhardt camps and who did not come to DP-camps after 1946. Together this is 1.42 million Jews. Of them I assume 0.15 were killed in the camps in eugenics centers, 0.2 million died of those taken to work and 0.07 died of the resettled. There was left 0.8 million, who were alive. They had lost ID documents and all their possessions in Operation Reinhardt camps. They took over Jewish flats when they were resettled, most were resettled. There were many empty Jewish flats as 0.5 million died in Siberia, 0.18 million died in European Russia, and Germans killed 0.4 million. Together there were 1.08 million empty places. These resettled Jews took a flat, took the name of the flat’s previous inhabitant, or picked some other name, and claimed they had lived there before the war. They had no reason to say they were resettled. Additionally, telling that they were resettled was bad for Jews, Communists and the USA, which supported the Holocaust story.

Jews could look for these 800,000 from the former Soviet Union. All are dead, and most were old to start with, as they were not fit to work. About half would be Polish Jews. Genetically these Jews differ very little. It is difficult to show that a Jew did not take a name of a Jew who earlier lived there and claim that it is his property and he has always lived there.

Other than demographic calculations, I think it can be argued that the goal of transporting Jews to the east was the creation of Israel. Nazis caused the death of about 2.5 million Jews because Jewish Freemasons wanted to create Israel and Jews did not want to move there. Freemasons created (through Rudolf Sebottendorf, a Mizraim Freemason and a Theosophist) Nazis to do this task. Masons also created Zionism. ADL, the organization that strongest supports the Holocaust story, was created by these Jewish Freemasons. This issue seems to be difficult for people to accept, but it is just because they have not studied secret societies enough. Just notice that this plan was messianic, and e.g. the resettled Jews were 40 years in captivity in the Soviet Union (1948-1988) just like Jews of the Exodus were 40 years in the wilderness. Just find all the hints to messianism, like you can find lots of gemetria hints in 9/11.

That’s about it. Everything is pretty clear now. I sure hope I will not need to write anything more of this topic.