Prisoners work at Belbaltlag, a Gulag camp for building the White Sea-Baltic Sea Canal; ca. 1932

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Mmmmmm…reminds me of Egypt in the time of Joseph.

I hope to be remembered for my atrocities!


Usually these pictures were propaganda and featured criminals, not political prisoners. Read Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn for a good description of “shock battalions” in the gulags. Note the plump faces and clothes on these prisoners.

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COMINTERN ghosts colour.

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FNN-190326-The Fix is In- Juicy Smellit

selective focus photo of ghost ornament

Photo by on

South Front : Additional Details and Analysis of Israeli Air Strike on Syrian Pantsir S-1 Air Defense System

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When i watched this one upon release into the Herd Attention Space TM I did wonder if the wankstatorwatchers TM, TM my other shop, would have noticed a dancing bear, no pun intended, wandering through the foreground.

All this does is confirm the old adage of never believing anything from Delmerville and never, never, never trust your logistics, which is always dependent on Delmerdisciples, to leave you anything other than exposed.

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Australia’s Dodgy $ 50 Billion Submarine Contract or Corruption Without Any Limit !

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via Australia’s Dodgy $ 50 Billion Submarine Contract or Corruption Without Any Limit !

I think I can say “Told you so!”

“The Goofy looking guy on the right is NAT ROTSCHILD ONE OF THE ROTH” PHUKKWITZ……

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….which will be setting an empty golden chair at the golden dining tablet for a vacant setting for Ba’al rather than feed the starving, as always.



Do Enjoy

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For your consideration….

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“….The Germans certainly anticipated Allied paratroop landings in offensive actions to follow up their retreat. In general, they expected the landings to be larger than those in Market and much deeper behind the German lines. The only inkling that the Allies had of the Germans anticipating Market Garden were Ultra decrypts of 14 and 15 September, showing the Germans expected large-scale air landings in Holland and a thrust by ground forces on both sides of Eindhoven to Arnhem.

The decrypt of 15 September is particularly revealing. The message was decoded at a time when, apart from the military situation at Brest, most of the decrypted messages concerned the Aegean, the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. The Germans correctly identified XXX Corps and speculated that a further corps would be brought up to the front line. They also projected that 800 to 900 tanks would be available, which was an overestimate. However, the Germans were correct in their speculation that a ground offensive would take place, moving up on both sides of Eindhoven to Arnhem, with the aim of cutting off German forces in the western Netherlands. These projections were not passed on to the lower commands. A warning by a German agent in neutral Sweden that something quite close to this scenario was about to take place reached Berlin only on D-Day…..”via The II SS Panzer Corps at Arnhem

“….It should come as no surprise to learn that the Grenadier Guards Major, Peter Smith, is the 6th Baron Carrington more commonly known as Lord Carrington, who in April 1985 was honoured by the Queen when he was made a knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, the oldest and most prestigious British Order of chivalry that dates back almost 700 years. As a member of the royal family bloodline, Lord Carrington’s illustrious career has included a stint as chairman of the secretive and elite Bildergers. Not least, he was a former President of the Pilgrim Society that was founded in London in 1902 (and New York in 1903), as a dying wish of Cecil Rhodes. Another member of this ultra secret society was none other than the Duke of Kent, as was A J Drexel Biddle.

Founded in May 1954, the Bilderberg Conferences bring together the elite of the world to seek a consensus on how global matters are to be shaped. It is viewed with extreme suspicion by many who see it as working outside of democratic control to foist on them a dictatorial world order dedicated to the interests of the elite few…..”

Remember what I was saying at the other shop that Au=U in 1945. Once you’ve got that you understand how the commiepicniclingpinkginswilling talmud boileroom script writing waste of time workshy freeks at Los Alamos failed.