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Ah the wonder of UK phukkwitics. On the one hand you’ve got RCE/TA branded bitchsteers and cowboys, on the other the local hero of the scum. A eunuch.


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  1. (literally) A human or person.
  2. A person with integrity and concern for others.
  3. A gentleman.

Etymology: Yiddish (mentsh), an honorable person, from German Mensch (person).

Jeremy Corbyn, MP. Jeremy Corbyn, MP.

When a bunch of neo-Nazis and antisemites threatened to march in Golders Green a few months ago, a wide campaign was organised to stop them with a counter-demonstration.  Only one of the current candidates for the Labour Party leadership sent a message of support to the counter-demonstrators.

Jeremy Corbyn, MP.

Yet this same Jeremy Corbyn has been the target of an ugly smear campaign attempting to brand him an enemy of Jewish people, by means of contrived “association” with antisemites. As Corbyn moved from outsider to a favourite to win,  addressing huge rallies of supporters, one Jewish newspaper even claimed Jews in Britain “feared” what might happen if he became leader of the Labour Party.

“Jews for…

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Let us not forget the Saudi/ChiComm/NK/Dimona axis of evil. BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

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The reasons for the creation of Pakistan and the personalities behind its creation are very different from what conventional history teaches

Jinnah did play a part in the creation of Pakistan as did Congress leaders ,but any person looking at the CHRONOLOGY of events leading to the formation of Pakistan


The best source for the real history of Pakistan is the book The Shadow of the Great Game: The Untold Story of Indias Partition

Historians and political analysts have not paid enough attention to the crucial link between Indias partition and British fears about the USSR gaining control of Central Asia . Realizing that Indian nationalists would not play the Great Game against the Soviet Union, the British settled for those willing to do so….ie the future Islamic state of Pakistan . Jinnah was smart enough to recognize this British need and the need to satisfy Britian’s need  for continued…

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Anything from Gobbells’ Gobshite Towers is either a bitchboy, boybitch or androgyunuch. Either way it cannot say anything meaningful for its gob is full of Apiru cock and its ass is getting reamed by a donkey. Turing Fails the lot of them. In fact ALL these investigative journeymen have done nothing for decades. All one needs to do is look at all the names being removed from the internet because non journos have been doing investigations.“Bullying”: BBC Political Editor’s Bizarre Term for the Public Resisting the Establishment

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In fact not only are these things Turing Fails, they are PRAVDA rejects. They’d never have got a dacha on the Black Sea coast. Unfit for any purpose other than getting a grace and favour Cotswold cottage at public expense!!

Fucking Muptards!

The BBC’s Nick Robinson has made a career out of telling the public what leading politicians say and do; sometimes even what they ‘think’. This stenography

Source: “Bullying”: BBC Political Editor’s Bizarre Term for the Public Resisting the Establishment

China Policy Institute Blog » China Intensifies Media Campaign against Taiwan’s DPP in the US

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Anything out of the Roth Garden is utter bamboozletron. Pace Marx, Tavistock, Fraud, Keynes, BBC et al.


China Policy Institute Blog » China Intensifies Media Campaign against Taiwan’s DPP in the US.

76,000 Signatures And Counting: More Britons Petition for Arrest of Netanyahu

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One can be sure that these persons are now on a list to be disappeared/killed/accidented/credit removal/mortgage trouble/unemployed/gang stalked/smeered/targetted and generally have their families/children’s future destroyed in subtle ways by deception through trouble making, ever watching response clerks.
Blinded by money, deafened by money, choked by Lucifer’s lucre.

There are no war kriminlas when in service to the moneykreeps.

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  • Published on Aug 22, 2015
    In the UK, the number of petitioners calling for the arrest of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has surpassed 76,000. The petition was created on the British parliament official website on August seven. The petitioners accuse Netanyahu of committing war crimes in Israel’s deadly war on Gaza last year. They want their government to arrest Netanyahu as he sets foot in Britain for an official visit in September. The British government has responded that certain officials cannot be arrested or detained under international law. However, a parliament debate must be opened if the signatures reach 100-thousand. Israel’s 50-day war on Gaza in July last year left more than 2200 people dead. Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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U.S. Navy on Alert: China, Russia to Launch Largest-Ever Joint Navy Exercise

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The NK port at Rajin will figure hugely in the coming HWW. It will divert the US/JASDF/SK away from the Hyperlittoral.

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  • U.S. Navy on Alert: China, Russia to Launch Largest-Ever Joint Navy Exercise
    by The Washington Times – Tuesday, August 18, 2015
    The Chinese and Russian navies are gearing up for their largest-ever joint exercises, slated to begin Thursday in the Pacific with more than 20 ships and featuring anti-submarine operations as well as a joint-beach landing. The “Joint Sea 2015 II” exercises will run through Aug. 28 in the Sea of Japan and off the coast of Vladivostok.

    While analysts say the operations have increased in size and sophistications during recent years, the Chinese and Russian navies have held five such joint exercises over the past decade.

    But in the current round of exercises, Chinese frigates have reportedly made their first-ever visit to the Russian Novorossiysk naval base in the Black Sea.

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Bennett backs death penalty for ‘Jewish terrorists’

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More suppressing fire and uberbollox from the firrebase’s latrineogram. The Mob are taking out the unmade.

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Naftali Bennett, July 20, 2015. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

Education minister also stands by use of detention without trial, albeit ‘with great caution,’ for terror suspects

ed note–a few things to plug into the equation here before taking it at face value-

1. Jews lie as a matter of principle. While Gentiles consider dishonesty to be a vice, Jews consider it a virtue, as partially evidenced by the motto of Israel’s Mossad ‘by way of deception, we shall make war’.

2. Just what constitutes a ‘Jewish terrorist’ in Bennett’s mind? It wasn’t those who torched the home of the Dawabsha family, killing 2, that’s for sure. After all, Bennett is quoted saying ‘I’ve killed lots of Arabs and there is no problem with that’. His definition of Jewish terrorists are those who do harm to fellow Jews, either directly or–in the case of the murderers of the Dawabsha family–those who bring bad light on the entire ‘Jewish state’ paradigm.


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