i love this post gerry anderson stuff.

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What is unreal.

The brain drain?


Interred from the ground.

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Go on then muppet, kept bitchboy, say something.

He’s strung up by his owners.

He is not British.

He is heathen.

He is an expensively educated idiot.

Onto the shuvvell and burn in the fierce fires of freedom’s fiery furnace.

War bringer.

Big Bird IV

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iMAOistIMFistMFIistFBIist death fist.


iPIECE of ordure.


Just to make sure you get the message retards .


Bringer of death to all.


You are going to burn.


Are you going to get a panda cub or a baby tiger to wipe you incontinent arse when the aluminium in your high phalootin’ swill kicks in?


Perhaps a forgotten, issue?


No, you will get a human slave from some where poor, because your..family?… will not?


Onto the shuvvell and burn in the fierce fires of freedom’s fiery furnace.

The sinking of The Onanic.

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Twas on the good ship Venus,
By Christ you should have seen us,
The figurehead
Was a whore in bed,
And the mast a rampant penis.

You are a great big dick and the good ship is full of whores. All 646 of you.

Davies  how would you like to fuck off and let one of the really disabled, not dysfunctional like you mongmeister, get into your cushty number. In fact I reckon that if we replaced you clowns with 646 disabled persons we’d have a healthier parliament.

Why don’t you get your family out pimping their arses on the street. Go on get the wasterels out working. I’m sure your lads can get up chimneys like the good old days. Or get them over to the EU and sell their arses to the pedophocracy or give them to The Finders.

You goon.

Typical modern Tory, full of shit, thick as shit, knee deep in shit talking shit. Typical of the 646 in general. They are only there to take our money and hand it over to the gangsters in EuropeUSSR or the Banksters in RCE/LC. All the time protecting the criminals in our midst.


We are going to abandon you lot because the word is out on the street now. The evidence is incontrovertable.

You lot are a waste of space and a danger to us all.

Onto the shuvvell. Enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.

When Shatan opens his bowels…

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..this makes a noise.

A sluice of filth and effluent.

Decade after decadent decade of fucking around 1st class, leaving piles of dead people everywhere. No one felt your collar. I wonder why? Unchosen.

Dessicated old skin and bones. A caricature of the wicked old witch of the east. Lethal refugee of its own chaos. Always departing at high speed from the iCSi, leaving the unjustly dead, the innocent to rot. It is an evil old effluance and thinks we don’t know the formula its kind has afflicted us with for millenia.

No where has anyone sung freely where your shadow has cast. Always they have died in fear. Monster.

Loki muppfuckket, we know the score.

You’ve been at this for decades. Ever since you went over there panda buggering. We know your playbook and ancient routines.

Shut TFU bitchboy!! Always the bitch. The servant. The hiredling. Never ever your own man.


You have shit on freedom with every rancid breath you took. You consume freedom like a fuel. Keeping it exclusively for yourself and your ilk. Only for you shuttle diplomacy and  the jet set appetites. Hoping always to plunge us all into your blackened and stinking NOAHide hellhole eventually.

Onto the shuvvell, and enjoy the thing you know nothing about, even though you illegitimately bathed in it daily. You’ve destroyed that which you never earned.

Into freedom’s fiery furnace.

You Mokkerphuther….

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You mock us.  You put her in her place. You want to put all of us in our place. You want to Mokkerphuther us. Don’t you?

I’m not going into the outs and ins of this. The ins and outs. The right or wrongs. The did he, didn’t he, push me pull you.

There is no such thing in NOAHide as rationality and justice. There is just proscription and prohibition. While the gods let rip of their inhibition.

So when one of the Talmud bending NOAHidistsas gets his ass displayed all over the MSM, you can be sure that his bosses are sending a message.

Just like Stan’s agenda, who sent this message.

However we don’t get the real message, we get a load of bollox.

So we are free to construct our own narrative which will make much more sense than the shit spread all over the MSM by the pressperps.

This is how NOAHide works as the UN AGENDA 21istas have wet dreams about.

Us, powerless, they, godlike heathen. They, phukking us over, we, craven.

You  and your occult-monikered mates can GGTF!!!

Onto the shuvvell, stupidly named Fucke D’witz. Just what is your real handle? Enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.

I have something to say and you kantkunts@blogger…

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..who couldn’t spy on the sly if your lives depended on it, won’t stop me. U can go get to phukk!!!

What caused you to wet your girlyknickers then? Was it Rab  breaking the speed of a billionaire’s super injunction with an enema powered acid gust of greensmoke upyour guttless ungussettedoccultedgazzettedarses?

Whatever you muppets! Don’t you realise yet that these days when we see the word “billionaire” we think CRIMINAL.

Let me give you a quick lexicon.

Millionaire= RICO. Market manipulation. Corrupted politiko. Bent. Kriminal

Billionaire=Front runner, insider trader, drug runner, human slaver. Pirate.

Trillionaire= ReiligioKriminal destroyer of humanity and civilisation. Corrupter of the young. Human sacrificer and abortionist practictioner of hope. Evil.

Zillionaire=Soulless consort of Beelzebub and Ba’al Hammon bitch. Godless heathen.

A little example will suffice.

Recently in the TeeVee supplement of the Weekend Mail one of your space faring billionaires (=Cash flow magicians) was asked the usual trivia and, trying to be üüüberkool he managed to conflate Gandhi and Twitter to his own disadvantage. Well not wanting to put any words into the over rated old fart’s mouth I reckon the geezer in the loin cloth would have told the space traveller to go GTF! The mixed up old lawyer had no need of technology for whatever message he might be trying to promulgate since there was a higher power at work that didn’t need chemical cells.

So with that I’ll give you data mining boybitches and profiling bitchboys a final summary of what is what.

We don’t need your tech. to spread the word. The word is out, fools. Even if you’ve torched every cloud farm in sight. Took out every router and irradiated every node in what was supposed to be able to provide guaranteed connectivity should the mad MAD fail, we will not be blubbing into our smoothies or crying over spilt Kool-aid.

No, we’ll walk to meet, send our carrier pigeons out and if push comes to shuv break out the asthmatic postal perch. Somehow no matter what bollox you talk, what crap you chuck and no matter how many switches you throw the message will get through.

The message?

You clowns suck like Molloch’s dysenteric shorts!!

Phukk the fuck off!!

So bearing in mind this is a sparse blog kept ticking over for when the STASIs@blogger kill their inforectal probing and data rimming, here’s yesterday’s piece from Dreadnought and TukTuk without the picture of Baphomet.


“Don’t want to disturb your self satisfied dystopia but….

The new organisation must achieve significant running cost reductions, improve estate utilisation and drive further estate rationalisation and commercialisation opportunities. Through the sale of surplus land and buildings and other efficiency measures, the DIO aims to deliver savings of some £1.2bn over the next four years.

We are broke. So who’s going to get to convert our land into gated communities or barbed wire estates? Who’s got the readies to hand over to secrete all this away. Turn it into private pervertion palaces for their rich mates?

As I hinted yesterday who gives a flying one for some geezer who can turn out millions of ceramic seeds  and get the arty farty commentistas to have a hissy fit whilst giving their gangster owners MSM cover. He’s knee deep in money laundering. That’s what modern art is. A cover story of part of international money laundering. That is why modern art looks, and in some cases is actually shit, and yet gets valued in its weight in gold.

Can you see a Standard and Poors or Moody’s link here? Any bells ringing?

Big men in pyjamas. Shit. Yet worth their weight in gold.

Khazari Mafia , Khazari gangster bankster bitchboy  money laundering.

So as I said who’s got the readies to buy up our country and keep us in our hovels?

BTW UKplc are you not insulted that we have the smallest shitholes to live in, on average, in the EU?

iUK the stupidest nation on the planet. No wonder you welcome the iGULAG.

Nothing needs to change that you will notice. It will all happen naturally.

Go on then when you live on state hand outs how are you going to afford a passport to get out of the dump when  the “agency” running the scam askes for £2000 to hand the thing over?

That reminds me of my cider swilling mate relating how his mother got her Nigerian driving license. Being a good old Brit she naively thought all she had to do was tool up to the Nigerian equivalent of the local PO and get paper work duly processed.


Luckily for his mother he quickly clued her in. She was doubly lucky in that at that time ordinary Brits had real cash. Not state handout commie Credits.

This is what you’ve got to look forward to internationally in the UN and any other NGO/NWO organisation.

If you want to know what iUKplc will look like in 20 years time for the ordinary Brit go read about what life was like for the South Vietnamese in 1976. Only for iUKplc there will be nowhere to escape to.

You WILL be iGREEN or dead.”

Onto the shuvvell and take the rest of the retarded hightech hi-spec useless for anything other than itself and digi-onanism cyberspiderspyedonSTASIshitholed infoworld with you. Enjoy the flames in Freedom’s Fiery Furnace.


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