Die ganze Wahrheit über das »SS-Massaker von Oradour«

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Die ganze Wahrheit über das »SS-Massaker von Oradour«.

James Bond and the paedophiles

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MI5 hellholeMossadPaedo Bond

Mossad bumboys , Mi5, are in total meltdown.

They’re absolutely petrified that the horror of Britain’s VIP paedophile network is about to be exposed after all these years.

And despite trying to maintain an illusion of authority and power, the truth is they’re running around like headless chickens behind the scenes.

Paedo Ring Number 10Maggie cover up

You see, they know only too well that a tsunami of filth is about to enter the public arena that will shake the British Establishment to its foundations.

That’s why they’re in a desperate race against time to silence police officers, smear abuse victims, bribe journalists and discredit the Alternative Media.

Many insiders have been threatened with the usual crap that any exposure could ‘damage’ National Security.

BuckinghamPalaceSavile and QueenPaedophilia at the palace

Their usual modus operandi though is failing and they literally haven’t got a clue what to do next.

They’re yet again trying to create a false terror-bogeyman for us to focus on whilst they’re…

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Mit Auschwitzgas nach 1945 weiter “goldene Nasen verdient” – Goldesel Zyklon B. Die Erfolgsgeschichte der Judenfamilien Gans und Goldschmidt…

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Mit Auschwitzgas nach 1945 weiter “goldene Nasen verdient” – Goldesel Zyklon B. Die Erfolgsgeschichte der Judenfamilien Gans und Goldschmidt….

Dieudonné – The Deported Jew

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Dieudonné – The Deported Jew.

Der geplante Überfall: Frankreich und England wollten 1940 Rußland angreifen

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Der geplante Überfall: Frankreich und England wollten 1940 Rußland angreifen.

David Cameron’s conspiracy cock-up

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If the clowns in charge play the script as directed we’ll get a hung parliament and a PM who will NOT be descended from any of the following.

Battle of Britain fighter pilot, Bomber Command master bomber, Lancaster production line artisan, coal miners daughter, steel makers son, shipyard riveter, Gunlayer on HMS Hood, Ackack battery ammo loader or ANY descendent of the miliions and millions of Britons who lived and died to keep our shores safe and suffered rationing for generations. I will lay money we’ll get a descendant of a slaver, plantation, dry goods theif or trouble making lawyer who hid thousands of miles away from any harsh language and death, ripping off Empire contracts.

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David Cameron

Top twat, David Cameron, just doesn’t know when to shut up.

Despite being as thick as shit and barely knowing the difference between a paedophile and one of his Eton tutors, he’s bizarrely decided to give the nation his opinion on child-abuse victims.

It makes for grim reading,

You see, according to our blackmailed leader, abuse victims are not really victims at all.


They are instead merely ‘conspiracy theorists’, fantasising about their experiences and a subsequent government cover-up.

How strange.

The Huffington Post reported on his sick claims:

” Cameron has spun in a different direction, arithmetically, trying to convince people concerned about child abuse and cover-ups that two plus two makes nothing.

Weird Peter Wanless

Spinning on the day the Wanless report, into missing Home Office documents said to contain information about powerful people abusing children, was released, Cameron resorted to calling abuse campaigners conspiracy theorists.

To do so, he exploited the fact…

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Rothschild und seine “berühmt-berüchtigten” Protokolle

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Sheba’s bitchboy of the djinn.

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Staatschef Rothschild auf der 500 Schekel Banknote Israels

Meine These zu den vieldiskutierten “PROTOKOLLEN der WEISEN von ZION”
Ich denke, dass diese Mitte des 19.Jhdts. in Rothschilds Umfeld und auf seine Veranlassung hin entstanden sind. Man hat sich möglicherweise einen oder mehrere Rabbiner “gekauft” , um ein pseudoreligiöses Regelwerk und eine Zielbeschreibung für alle diejenigen zu erstellen, die von Rothschild finanziert und aufgebaut wurden.
Nach diesen Regeln sollten bzw. mußten sich alle Nutzniesser richten, um die Ziele der Welttyrannei einer Gruppe zu erreichen, die sich später -nach dem in den Protokollen enthaltenen Wort ZION-  > Zionisten nannten. (Das erklärt auch, warum gelegentlich gesagt wird, man müsse nicht Jude sein, um Zionist zu sein)

Diese Regeln sind sicher in den Folge-Jahrzehnten gelegentlich “redigiert” worden, was die Sache einfacher und plausibler machte, bestimmte Versionen als Fälschungen zu deklarieren. Welche Fassung dieser Protokolle die heute gültige ist, muss sich zwangsläufig unserer…

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